Hector of the Week


HECTOR of the Week

Staff -Mrs. Katie Lockhart is the pick for Hector of the week. She is every part of Hector in and out of the classroom! She is engaged in each student's work and always is checking in with everybody. She is positive in her teaching and I am super happy she’s part of our team. 

JH - John Waldroupe. John has been working very hard in his classes this semester. He is very polite and respectful. John is also an excellent example of HECTOR as a member of the wrestling team. He wrestles with grit and heart, and his sportsmanship is top notch!

HS - Bella Martinez - She is a very proactive student who stays on top of schoolwork, and extracurricular activities.  It is a very refreshing quality.  She HECTOR daily in all aspects of her life.