HECTOR of the Week

HECTOR of the Week
Staff - Jeremy Yoder is this week's HECTOR of the week. Mr. Yoder is having an amazing impact on our student's lives
and learning. He always sees and realizes our student's potential oftentimes, even before they do. The staff and
students appreciate his patience and guidance every step of the way. Whether a student is struggling to understand a
concept or they are simply needing a little extra encouragement, he is always there with a listening ear, helpful advice,
and words of support.
JH - Zeke Melendez-He has been an outstanding student this year. He is always very respectful and optimistic. He works hard in
class, and he has a great sense of humor. He displays HECTOR all the time!
HS - Abigail Jenkins - Abigail noticed when another student was in distress and came to their aide showing excellence to
help others.