Sr High Supplies 2021-2022

Every Student Needs:

  • A big box of Kleenex (Advisory)

  • Dry erase marker (any color)

  • Notebook paper for assignments (college ruled)

  • Pencils (mechanical or wooden)

  • Pens (blue or black)

  • 2 folders with brads

  • 2 folders without brads


  • 3 ring binder with clear pocket on the front

  • Package of colored pencils

 Physical Education

  • Personal Hygiene Items (soap, deodorant)

  • Towel

  • Gym Shoes

  • T-shirt (Dress Code Compliant)

  • Shorts (NO Cut-Offs)

  • Sweatpants (NO Sagger’s)

 *Teachers may request additional supplies in the future.